Preparing For Your Junk Car Pick Up

Now You have an appointment for your junk vehicle to get picked up. Some things you can have done before we arrive is clean your vehicle out of personal items that you need and you don't have to worry about a little garbage. Some garbage is ok but the car can not be full of garbage. If you are going to remove vehicle parts please have them removed well before the scheduled time for pick up . And tell us at the time of making your appointment. Of the parts you are going to remove so we send the right tow truck for the job.

You can remove your licence plates if your junk car is parked on private property. If you car is on the street please wait in till we arrive and we will remove your licence plates for you.  If you remove your licence plates from your vehicle that is parked on the road. The police or parking enforcement may see it and they may have your car towed to the city tow yard and You will get a parking ticket plus they may impound the vehicle .

The documents our tow truck drivers will need at the time of pick up is the vehicle registration which is the lower part for your insurance papers . It will say vehicle registration on the left side and have your name and address on and the vehicles information we will need that part . A temporary permit is not the vehicle registration if you do not have please tell us asap .We will have a vehicle transfer form to be filled out at the time of pick up and if cash is offered it will be paid at the time of pickup  unless other arrangements have been made.

The vehicle keys we will may need to move the steering wheel or remove the vehicle from park. If you a miss placed the keys please tell us. We do not carry tools to remove vehicle parts.

Scrap Car Guys 604-375-0781

Scrap Car Guys 604-375-0781